Bamboo Massage

Want to experience what a treatment feels like on board a luxury cruise ship? Talina has specialised and worked on board the Royal Caribbean Oasis of The Seas, one of the largest cruise ships in the world, to bring you this luxurious treatment.

Bamboo massage entwines your senses cocooning your body in grounding essential oils whilst heated bamboo shoots glide effortlessly over tense muscles, soothing away tension with the ability to apply little to as much pressure as you want. The heat penetrates into the muscle to allow complete relaxation mentally and physically faster compared to a normal deep tissue massage. Allowing the increase of blood flow, nutrients and oxygen to be supplied to cells in your body to help with repair and regrowth as you relax upon the table.

Once ready on the table, expect to be pampered starting with full body dry brushing to promote blood flow and increase lymph drainage to detoxify throughout the treatment. Followed by body balancing breathing exercises and foot rocking to prepare the body for treatment. This luxurious treatment will then go through a series of flowing strokes of the bamboo shoots for a full body treatment paying special attention to areas of stress to melt away any tension. Includes a deluxe foot massage, uplifting face and Indian head massage to promote circulation to scalp and help hair growth. To announce the end of this blissful session, bringing you back to reality, tingsha bells to awaken you from deep relaxation.