About Talina Chodorowski
& Kneading Knots Massage

Talina Chodorowski

All through high school I wanted to be a dentist…. I know right… looking into peoples mouths, I thought, is how I wanted to contribute to society and help people.  I love striking up conversations so how could I possibly help someone without being able to talk to them! Then it hit me… I want to do Personal Training! Complete opposites from cavities to exercise. As I progressed through my career, my clients were always telling me they were sore or in pain, this led me to the next turn in my next career pathway.

Having always been fascinated by the human anatomy, from an early age I when other kids wanted to play with dolls or action figures, I wanted to study the muscles on a chart and wanted to understand how they worked. Being a qualified Personal Trainer taught me how to understand musculature, movement and exercise. But that wasn’t enough, I also wanted to understand these concepts related to muscular tension so I studied Certificate IV and achieved a Diploma to become a Qualified Remedial Massage Therapist with a better understanding of posture, postural chains and gait.

My next journey saw me working as a volunteer at aged care centres providing gentle massages to residents and also working for mobile massage companies. Wanting a more permanent job I began working for two separate clinics and loved the idea of providing luxury services in the comfort of people’s homes, so I to become my own boss whilst I gained experience in the massage clinics. Then I went to London to begin training at the prestigious Steiner Academy for Personal training and Massage. 

It was definitely a fantastic experience and got to meet many new people from all across the world and gained qualifications in Hot Stones Massage, Bamboo Massage and so much more! Coming back home to Australia I decided to open my new clinic ‘Kneading Knots Massage’ in 2020 and opening up my business clinic within the Kalamunda Wellness Centre.